Provisioning User Profile Synchronization with December CU?

We have two main issues with provisioning User Profile Service Application. First, props go out to Sheyi at Microsoft who’s done some extremely valuable work in discovering, troubleshooting, and communicating these issues. Also, I need to give props to Jose at Microsoft for doing some key validation work.

Both of these issues affect usability of the User Profile Service Application. Specifically, Installing SharePoint 2010 and applying the December CU prior to setting up the User Profile Service Application could be affected by this. 

The December CU can be found here:

Note: This puts SharePoint at build: 14.0.5130.5002


Question: How can I find what build of SharePoint is installed?

Answer: Easiest way is to launch Central Administrator/Operations and click on Servers in Farm link

Before reviewing the two issues I assume that you already have a firm grasps of the steps involved in provisioning User Profile Service Application including the associated Active Directory Synchronization Connection. If not, I recommend reviewing my previous blog here.


Issue 1

This is already documented luckily in kb 2490381 and a work around exists. The symptom is when an attempt to create an Active Directory Sync connection and specifying more than one domain results in the following error:

“Unable to process Create message”

The work around is to simply add one domain and hit OK. Then go back and edit the AD DS synchronization that was just created and select additional domains.


Issue 2

Attempting to create an Active Directory sync connection when NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled property is set to true produces the following error:

“Unable to process Create message”

There is currently no workaround for this. If you would like to create an Active Directory Synchronization Connection and use NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled property, then do not apply the December CU.

Question: Will it be fixed?

Answers: On a positive note, both issues are fixed in the upcoming February CU.  I don’t have a date of when to expect the release of this CU but it’s coming soon..



Russ Maxwell, MSFT

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