What is Security Only Crawl? Before troubleshooting Security Only Crawl’s, let’s start out with what is a security only crawl?  Security Only crawl’s take place when users are added/removed from Sharepoint groups and/or explicitly added/removed from a list.  When incremental crawl starts, these security changes, “Updated ACL’s”, must be pushed down to all affected items within the […]

Sharepoint Performance Blog Series Part 1 Where do I start with this performance issue?  HELP! I’m going to write up several blogs in a Sharepoint Performance series to provide our customers with some insight on how to approach and troubleshoot these challenging issues.  This first one will pertain to what data Microsoft is looking for […]

Greetings! My name is Russ Maxwell and I’m a Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft supporting SharePoint.  I officially started in SharePoint sometime in November 2007.  I’ve been with Microsoft going on four years now and will continue immersing myself in this product and blogging on random SharePoint topics that I feel will benefit anyone outside MSFT.  My posts will […]