I recently worked on an interesting issue with SharePoint 2010 Content Types. The specific request was the following: A request to create an additional Content Type in a Document Library that wasn’t visible to other Document Libraries within a Site Collection. This sounds easy but is a little more complex because when you create a […]

 The manage access requests feature is great for allowing users that don’t have permissions to a SharePoint site requests access. This link is exposed when users attempt to access a site they don’t have permission to.     Clicking on the link automatically sends an email to the email address specified within Manage Access Requests/Access […]

We have two main issues with provisioning User Profile Service Application. First, props go out to Sheyi at Microsoft who’s done some extremely valuable work in discovering, troubleshooting, and communicating these issues. Also, I need to give props to Jose at Microsoft for doing some key validation work. Both of these issues affect usability of […]

  I ran into a particularly unique issue where any user was unable to create alerts for one discussion board. All other libraries, lists, and discussion boards worked and the same users could create alerts with no problem. Steps to validate you’re hitting this particular problem: 1. Go to a Document Library, list, or discussion […]

I recently had an interesting issue where the customer was getting the following errors accessing the User Profiles and properties link within his SSP. “An error has occurred while accessing the SQL Server database or the Office SharePoint Server Search service. If this is the first time you have seen this message, try again later. […]

Introduction into Problem I had an interesting issue with People Picker performance and SharePoint 2007 that is deserving of some additional documentation.   As many of you know, the people picker is built in feature of SharePoint and assists in looking up users to perform various tasks like adding to AD and/or SharePoint security groups etc…   […]

This blog is intended to fill some gaps and provide a foundation to understand components in the claims model and how these components work together. Claims will provide a huge benefit which I will outline some of those benefits below. I suspect this will turn into a multi blog series so stay tuned for further […]