Intro This is blog is broken up into a 2 part series covering the following areas:   Part 1:  Setting up the infrastructure for Provider Hosted Apps + Development (review this first) Part 2:  Create a basic Provider Hosted App in Visual Studio 2013, Package, and Deploy   This is a guide for On Premise SharePoint […]

Intro I know this post is probably somewhat dated but if I can save those that will be deploying SharePoint 2010 instead of SharePoint 2013, this article is extremely relevant. It also might add additional weight to why we have decreased the # of web applications supported in SharePoint 2013. Yes, “Host Name Site Collections” […]

Intro to Host Name Site Collections (HNSC) First, I know several resources are out there published and all provide value. I feel like putting my own spin on Host Name Site Collections for SharePoint 2013 and I hope this helps you. Host Name Site Collections are the answer to simplifying and consolidating SharePoint Farm/s.   Let’s […]

Several things haven’t changed in 2013 SharePoint search.   Search is still uses a componentized model that is still based on a Shared Services architecture. Simply stated, you still provision a Search Service Application + Proxy. The Search Admin UI is exposed by clicking on the Search Service Application via Central Administrator\Application Management\Manage Service Applications. As […]

Several things have changed in SharePoint 2013 Search. As you might already be aware, we merged and built upon the core SharePoint 2010 Search product and Fast Search for SharePoint 2010 into a single product\engine simply called SharePoint 2013 search. This is the first of a series of Search 2013 Architecture blogs. So much has […]

I recently went through the process of applying the latest SharePoint 2013 Cumulative Update on my multi server SharePoint 2013 Farm.   To my surprise, I found the total time to apply the patch (install the bits) took over 5 hours per SharePoint Server.   This time doesn’t include running PSConfig which is considered phase 2.   My […]

This is my first of many SharePoint 2013 blogs and I’m starting with Search.  I like the new Search UI for users and the look is so much cleaner with the hover panel, search blocks, etc..  I’m really curious how customizing the Search refinement panel works in SharePoint 2013.  I was surprised to see that […]

I ran into an interesting problem where accessing the 2010 Search Service Application administration page returns a 503 Server unavailable for the Crawl Status.   Usually, a 503 indicates that the application pool is stopped that is hosting a site.  In this case, it’s the SharePoint Web Services Virtual directory hosting the Search Admin web […]