Russ Maxwell

  Intro I’m excited to announce that I recently transferred internally to a Senior Search Premier Field Engineer role at Microsoft. I’ll continue to post general SharePoint topics, but expect to see some hardcore Search Posts mixed in. My blog posts will also now appear in multiple places on msdn so just a heads up. […]

Intro I’ve been meaning to write this blog for some time now so I finally got around to doing it. In my opinion, SharePoint BI setup is one of the most confusing aspects for SharePoint IT Pro’s and Dev’s in recent memory. Microsoft TechNet Authors and some fellow Microsoft Colleagues have produced some great documentation […]

Intro I haven’t researched to see if this topic has been heavily documented but feel like putting my 2 cents of input so hope this helps you. One of Microsoft’s big pushes for SharePoint 2013 for On Premise is to consolidate multiple web applications to a single Web Application. This is easier said than done […]

Intro This is blog is broken up into a 2 part series covering the following areas:   Part 1:  Setting up the infrastructure for Provider Hosted Apps + Development (review this first) Part 2:  Create a basic Provider Hosted App in Visual Studio 2013, Package, and Deploy   This is a guide for On Premise SharePoint […]

Intro I know this post is probably somewhat dated but if I can save those that will be deploying SharePoint 2010 instead of SharePoint 2013, this article is extremely relevant. It also might add additional weight to why we have decreased the # of web applications supported in SharePoint 2013. Yes, “Host Name Site Collections” […]

Intro to Host Name Site Collections (HNSC) First, I know several resources are out there published and all provide value. I feel like putting my own spin on Host Name Site Collections for SharePoint 2013 and I hope this helps you. Host Name Site Collections are the answer to simplifying and consolidating SharePoint Farm/s.   Let’s […]

Several things haven’t changed in 2013 SharePoint search.   Search is still uses a componentized model that is still based on a Shared Services architecture. Simply stated, you still provision a Search Service Application + Proxy. The Search Admin UI is exposed by clicking on the Search Service Application via Central Administrator\Application Management\Manage Service Applications. As […]