Russ Maxwell

This is part 2 of my PowerShell series where I cover an intro into using PowerShell in (VS) Visual Studio Code. I cover a variety of topics to build some comfort to start using VS Code for writing PowerShell. Topics include formatting, debugging, and other tips. Thank You, Russ Maxwell, Microsoft

I recently recorded a three part PowerShell series to help those ramp up in a few different areas of PowerShell. These are mostly intro videos with a SharePoint focus. This is Part 1 of the series where I discuss SharePoint PnP Module. Part 2 of the series covers an intro to writing, running, debugging PowerShell […]

Intro to Azure CLI

Azure CLI is available across multiple platforms like Windows, MAC, and Linux.  You can also run Azure CLI directly from Azure Cloud Shell.  Azure CLI requires a shell in order to execute commands.   For example, you can use either command prompt or PowerShell in Windows if you download/install the Windows version of Azure CLI.  Regardless […]

I’ve authored several PowerShell scripts along my technical journey. One of the most common request I receive is a request to write PowerShell to go fetch information based on a specific set of criteria and exporting that data to CSV or some other file format. Datatables are a great use case for this. Datatables is […]

My blog, SharePoint Brew, has a new home! I recently moved my blog from MSDN! My old blog was located on My new blog home is here at I have ported over all of my blogs here. I look forward to adding new blog content soon. New blog content will cover a variety […]

Automatically Deploy OneDrive for Business Libraries

Microsoft’s documentation for deploying OneDrive for Business to enterprise users is good.  One technical gap I found is our story on automatically deploying site and libraries for user’s after the OneDrive client is deployed.  Yes, it’s possible to automatically configure SharePoint Libraries to be sync’d by levering the ODOpen process and inputting a specific syntax.  […]

Using SharePoint Site Template functionality in Office 365

Intro The evolution of site templates has changed over time and we have a new approach to provisioning sites with a custom structure and look in SharePoint Online.  Site templates are a very valuable solution for customers in large part because of the ability to maintain a common structure and appearance for SharePoint sites across […]