Document Translation in SharePoint Online Part 2

Intro Welcome to part 2 where I’ll dive into creating and configuring two Power Automate Flows. These flows are doing the heavy lifting of communicating with SharePoint Online, Azure Translator Service, and Azure Blob Store transfer blob content as well as calling the Azure Translator Document Translation Rest API to perform translation of the new […]

Document Translation in SharePoint Online Part 1

Intro A common ask is how to translate documents into other languages that are stored in SharePoint Online. This requirement fits several use cases across business segments. The quick answer is that you can do document translation for documents stored in SharePoint Online. For Example, I may want to upload a word document in English […]

Test Azure Rest API Endpoints using Postman

Postman is a great free tool to use when you simply want to test any Rest API endpoint.  You have the ability to send HTTP Get/Post with customize headers, authorization, and body for starters.  I’m simply interested in using Postman to confirm my Azure Translation Service which is part of Azure Cognitive Service suite is […]