You have several different approaches available for deploying a Azure Web App. The traditional approach is solution based deployment which is simply deploying your code to an Azure Web App. The second option which I find more interesting is the ability to deploy a container that runs within the Azure Web App. Before diving in […]

Azure App Service - Container not loading

Intro A great feature of Azure App Service is the ability to create a containerized Web Application off a docker container. When an Azure App Service is created, one can select a container and proceed to pick an image. That image can be from a variety of locations including Azure Container Registry. I ran into […]

This is my first video where I cover at a high level the following: Cloning a repository from GitHub using git Building Azure Web App and Azure DevOps Repository Making a code change in VS Code Pushing that local repo into Azure DevOps Repository Building and running Azure DevOps pipeline to build and deploy to […]

The whole idea behind DevOps is to bring different teams together while providing a more elegant approach to source code management and deployment.  This first layer we will peel from the DevOps fruit is Version Control.  As we progress through the various areas of DevOps, I will detail how these core concepts work together as […]

Next up on my video series is an introduction to the Kusto Query Language also known as KQL. This will give you some basics on how to approach reading and writing KQL queries against an Azure Log Analytics Workspace. I ran the following KQL Queries in this video: ContosoHighSchool_CL ContosoHighSchool_CL| count FabrikamHighSchool_CL| count ContosoHighSchool_CL| summarize […]

This is the first video in a series of Azure Monitor videos I will publish to my YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here. I will be publishing a bunch of Azure content. The first video in the Azure Monitor series I dive into Azure Monitor foundation and resource log enablement. […]

This is part 2 of my PowerShell series where I cover an intro into using PowerShell in (VS) Visual Studio Code. I cover a variety of topics to build some comfort to start using VS Code for writing PowerShell. Topics include formatting, debugging, and other tips. Thank You, Russ Maxwell, Microsoft